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Principles of good governance

Management and control at comdirect bank are based on generally accepted high standards and, apart from a few exceptions which are disclosed in the Declaration of Compliance, comply with the respective valid and applicable legal framework conditions and regulations as well as the requirements of the German Corporate Governance Code (GCGC). comdirect provides comprehensive information relating to governance on its website (

The guiding principles are

  • cooperation based on trust between the Board of Managing Directors, which manages the company, and the Supervisory Board, which advises and monitors the Board of Managing Directors and exercises its control function efficiently and independently,
  • a focus on company interest at all times,
  • responsible and effective risk management,
  • observance of and compliance with legal requirements and supervisory regulations and
  • timely and transparent communication both internally and outside the company.

The comdirect group consistently aligns itself with the interests of its stakeholders. In addition to the shareholders, these include, in particular, the company’s customers and employees as well as the entire social environment in which the comdirect group operates. The group accordingly organises its business activities in such a way as to maintain the balance between economic, ecological and ethical requirements.