We offer these smart bank customers our apps for mobile banking.

Like we do for the 21.5 million smartphone owners yet to make this discovery. Whether it’s a bank transfer or fund investment, both comdirect apps enable customers to manage their personal finances anytime, anywhere, using any mobile device. Just one example of how comdirect is investing in mobile banking and brokerage.

Marion Hansen is a test leader and has put the new comdirect mobile app through its paces. Over a period of several months, she and four colleagues worked through a refined test plan, calling up every mobile page accessible via the app, checking the menu navigation, transferring money and placing securities orders. This meant that the product launched was truly ready for the market. Yet development continues on an ongoing basis. “We use the feedback from our many users to optimise the app,” explains Hansen.

A bank with mobile customers needs to keep moving too. As a customer loyalty survey by comdirect shows, more than one in two customers already owns a smartphone and as many as 37% carry out at least some of their banking transactions on the go, with one in four of this group using an app to do so. The potential is huge and comdirect is making great strides to exploit it. Within two months of the launch of the mobile app, which gives users of any smartphone system access to banking and brokerage functions, 17-times more mobile transfers had been carried out than before.

Current account customers in particular are above-average app users, with one in five using them to manage payments in and out of their accounts. Between September and November 2012, the number of mobile securities orders doubled. “We identified the trend towards mobile banking by tablet or smartphone at an early stage and are playing an active part in shaping this development,” says Helge Fobbe, Head of Web Management at comdirect.

Hildegard Meister from Customer Services and Marion Hansen, IT Test Leader