To boost this percentage share, we offer the best tools, best prices and best execution. And we provide support in the selection process.

Opportunistic? Value-oriented? Turbo certificates or bond funds? Whatever strategy traders or investors choose in order to achieve price gains, they can implement it with comdirect. Effective analysis tools, wide-ranging trading services, innovative chart functions and comprehensive information all facilitate better financial decisions.

Speed is of the essence when it comes to trading contracts for difference (CFD). These are highly leveraged products with short holding periods, and a few seconds can make the difference between making a profit or a loss. If customers are not available to make the trade themselves, the CFD team steps in. They accept orders by telephone, assist if there is a technical problem and are always happy to hear suggestions for improvements. “Feedback from customers is crucial for further developing the platform,” explains Martina Schulz, a specialist responsible for the CFD team.

Suggestions from customers were included for instance in the development of the improved real-time charts, which traders can use to place their orders directly from within the chart whilst retaining an optimal overview of their limit and stop loss orders at all times. In technical terms, comdirect is thus one of the leaders in the market, and together with its excellent Customer Services and Commerzbank as market maker is setting new standards in CFD trading. So much so, that one in six trades in 2012 was carried out via comdirect’s powerful and highly liquid CFD trading platform.

But the “Online broker of the year 2012” (€uro am Sonntag) provides maximum speed and convenient trading functions for more than just CFD trading. Updated in 2012, the domestic order mask is simple and easy to use and offers a market overview for facilitating fast trading. Real-time prices for the desired security are shown automatically and free of charge on the three most relevant stock exchanges. Positions can be readily secured by means of simple and complex limit functions, such as the trailing stop, which are also available in OTC trading. In addition, professional analysis and chart tools help both traders and investors select the best securities and calculate risks.

Martina Schulz