That’s why we’re working to ensure that as many people as possible get to know us – and give us the opportunity to impress.

comdirect is investing in the brand: with online marketing, advertisements in magazines and TV spots. But above all, our aim is to convince customers with optimally tailored products, excellent customer service and our satisfaction guarantee.

“In the vast majority of cases, once people have chosen comdirect they are very satisfied and happy to recommend us to others,” says marketing expert Miriam Wagner. “We take advantage of this with our customers attract customers programme.” A special promotion for multi-recommendations – born in the marketing team’s ideas workshop – turned 2012 into a record year for current account marketing. comdirect gained around a quarter of its new customers via this marketing channel.

comdirect has already been rewarding successful recommendations with bonuses and prizes for many years. The rewards of this approach are twofold, since customers gained in this way frequently show above-average loyalty and often attract other customers themselves. According to the customer loyalty survey, a total of 86% of comdirect customers would recommend the bank to others. You only achieve such a high percentage if you really deliver on your advertising promises.

In the current TV ad, comdirect delves into the world of the modern bank customer, who easily does his banking on his tablet whilst sitting on the sofa at home, whenever it’s convenient. And because his bank is always open, he’s happy to be distracted by his children and do the online transfer later. The core message: “We know we’re not the most important thing in our customers’ lives, but we can do our bit to make them happy.”

Miriam Wagner, Project Manager Referral Marketing and Martin Schröder, Brand and Customer Communications Project Manager