Fortunately, there’s a bank that can do both.

Making better financial decisions is actually very easy – if you have the right bank. For customers wanting advice, our experts in financing, investment and provisioning are very happy to provide personal assistance to help them make the right choice – a service that is independent, transparent and fair. But support is also already available on our website and using our tutorials, investment recommendations and tools for self-evaluation, customers will find it even easier to select the right product in future.

IT expert Andreas Genz brings the building finance adviser into the customer’s home – on the computer screen at least, via video-telephony. No simple task: the connection has to be 100% secure and the information well encrypted. “The focus is on protecting customers and employees,” reassures Genz. But all of the details have to be right too – even the lighting in the adviser’s office.

Building finance is an emotional issue. Generally, buying a property is the biggest investment customers will make in their lives, and one that often binds them to a bank long term. Such a decision is never taken lightly and requires a significant level of trust. comdirect is using innovative advice channels to strengthen this trust.

Since 2011, comdirect has been offering its customers its online live advice service – the first bank in Germany to do so. Co-browsing via the internet enables customers to follow each step of the advisory process on their screen at home and work together with the adviser to select the best product. And a hit rate that is 66% higher than with telephone advice alone shows that this online live advice service really does increase transparency and trust.

Andreas Genz, Deputy IT Project Manager Advice via Video-Telephony Building Finance